Automate your AI workflow 10x Faster

Manage images, videos, text and audio in one integrated platform



Import your unstructured data to our Platform or connect your data sources to visualize your data without transfers



Manage groups and projects with various access levels and monitor contributions for each one of your projects



Search and quickly filter annotations and predictions from images, videos, text and audio



Review annotations and predictions before exporting in your favorite format

Interact with your data

Experience the Future: Multimodal AI seamlessly blends text, voice, and visual data for an unparalleled interactive journey.

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3x performance boost

Precision Performance powered by Multimodal AI to redefine Industry Standards

Centuple Velocity

We use high-performing ML algorithms designed for parallel processing, resulting in a 100x speed increase. These algorithms optimize computational resources, ensuring rapid data queries and high-performing models.

Superior Performance

Our AI engine offers superior data interpretation, delivering twice the accuracy of traditional systems. In a multimodal context, it adeptly manages irregularities, rectifies inaccuracies, and gleans key insights from extensive, diverse data sources..

Cost Efficiency

By integrating our advanced multimodal AI, our solution streamlines operations, effectively eliminating the need for manual intervention and thereby reducing operational costs by as much as fivefold. This efficiency not only enhances productivity but also translates to significant financial savings.

Human in the loop

Fuel your Artificial Intelligence workflow with professional Human-powered data

Accuracy & Precision

Our human-in-the-loop services ensure greater accuracy and precision in our findings, refining the outcomes of AI algorithms for optimized results.

Review AI findings

The human element steps in to validate and refine AI findings, providing a balance of speed and integrity in your data analysis.

Flexibility & Adaptability

We embrace the adaptability of human intellect, offering versatility in data interpretation and processing to meet dynamic needs of various business scenarios.

AI limitations

By bringing humans into the loop, we ensure the right decisions are made even in situations where data is hard to interpret or inconclusive.

Use Cases

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